Our Mission  


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a.       To develop, promote and support efforts, programs and initiatives for the preservation of Nigerian's rich traditional values and cultural heritage.

b.      To build schools and employ qualified staff for purposes of assisting and providing free qualitative and affordable educational opportunities to Nigerian children, especially the less privileged.

c.       To organize rehabilitation projects and youth development projects through the establishment of youth training centers and provision of educational materials.

d.      To organize lectures, conferences, symposia to enlighten the public on any topic relevant to the activities of the NEEDCSI.

e.       To provide a platform for the maximum expression of youthful creativity and the harnessing of the rich potentials of Nigerian youths for the promotion, stimulation and advocating of positive changes and development.

f.       To build the capacities of Nigerian youths through skills development programs, workshops, leadership seminars, conferences, etc, towards self-reliance, self-actualization, health and capacity.

g.      To bring together historic enemies and provide them with opportunities to work together in serving their communities as a way of promoting lasting friendships.

h.      To reduce corruption and other anti-social practices among Nigerians and to elevate initiatives that generate public trust and confidence.

i.        To establish partnerships with any International, Regional, National and Local organizations with similar objects like the NEEDCSI.